Teresa Seals Art - Jasper August 2022
Choose a pose that captures the essence and character of your pet

Do you wish you had a way of immortalising your cherished pet or family member? I use only the highest quality pigments and specialist archival paper so your treasured portrait should last a lifetime!

I particularly like placing animals in a relevant setting, so backgrounds are a big aspect of what I enjoy pastelling. Don’t worry if you haven’t got the perfect shot of your pet in his or her favourite spot in the garden because different photos can be seamlessly combined to create just the image you are after!

It is so simple to commission a pastel painting from me; just follow these three steps:

1 – Send me a photograph

Your first step is to collect some photographic reference material of your pet. The more shots you have, the easier it is for me to get a sense of the character of the animal. We can then discuss the best pose and background setting to choose. The better the quality of the photograph, the better the final result and fewer grey hairs for me!

Here are my top tips for taking a good reference photo:

  • Use a good quality camera or smartphone.
  • Aim to take the photograph in natural light (either outside or by a window) but avoid bright sunlight as it blows out details and colour.
  • Take the photo at eye-level with your pet; either get down on the ground or put the animal on a chair.
  • Most importantly, choose a pose that most captures the essence and character of your pet!

You may, of course, already have the perfect photo – if so, that’s great!

2 – Choose a size for the painting

8″ x 8″£150 (only really suitable for a head portrait)
10″ x 12″£250
12″ x 16″£350
16″ x 20″£450
These are the most popular sizes but additional sizes are available on request

Prices above are for unframed portraits; I always recommend having your portrait professionally framed.

Postage and packaging would be charged as extra. My final artwork is not sprayed with any fixative (as this dulls the colours) but will be packaged securely with a sheet of glassine paper to protect the artwork and then sandwiched between sheets of foamboard. I recommend that this stays in place until your framer has framed the work.

3 – Wait for me to work my magic!

After paying a 25% deposit, I will keep you updated every step of the way throughout the process and send you work-in-progress shots. If you are not 100% satisfied with the final artwork, there is no obligation to pay the remainder of the cost.

Contact me to arrange a commission and we can get started.